Summer Lunch and Day Camp Registration

Summer Lunch runs Mon-Fri from 12-1:30 (Lunch served 12:30-1)

Day Camp is Tues & Thurs from 1:30-3 pm (starting June 28)


Registration for summer lunch helps with allergies and safety, but is not mandatory. 

Registration for Day Camp on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-3 pm is mandatory and limited to first 12. There will be science experiments, cooking, gardening, crafts and play for 3rd-6th graders. Day Camp begins on June 28.

Release of Liability: I accept unto myself all responsibility and liability for any injury, death or other loss or damage that occurs to me and/or to the minor as a result of the minor’s participation in Shepherd of the Valley events. I will indemnify and hold harmless the ELCA, its agents, affiliates, volunteers, staff, Shepherd of the Valley, and all participating agencies from all claims, judgments, and cost, including attorney’s fees incurred in connection with any action that may be brought as a result of the minor’s participation in SOV's youth activities.

I have carefully read this agreement and release and I fully understand its contents. I sign of my own free will.

COVID-19 Agreement
I will not send my youth to Shepherd of the Valley if they or a member of my household has signs, symptoms, or has been exposed to COVID-19.

We will respect social distancing and follow the guidelines in place to keep youth and staff safe.

Shepherd of the Valley will:
-Follow applicable Alaska Health Mandates
-Monitor staff, volunteers, and youth for signs and symptoms
-Trace contacts and alert families if there is an infection

Emergency Medical
In case of an emergency, I give Shepherd of the Valley permission to access emergency medical care if I cannot be reached.

I understand that summer lunch is a drop-in program and not childcare. Youth must be able to take care of their basic needs and not be a danger to themselves or others.