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2023 Council Information

All minutes, treasurer's reports, and council directory are in the following folder in Google docs https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dN53BxYqO_tPzJNZqxr7MFQhO02ZQnSM?usp=sharing

2023 Minutes and Treasurer's Report

02-23 council retreat 3

SOV 2023 Budget through 2.28.2023

Council evaluation 2023

Leadership will be discerned at the March meeting, but one of our goals was to put minutes and treasurer's reports in a format where people may access them.

2022 Annual Meeting

As we begin this new year together, here are some helpful links.

Service and Intended Giving Form Service and Intended Giving Form

Sunday Worship Link Sunday Worship

Annual Meeting Report https://sovlutheran.org/news/annual-report-of-the-congregation-2021

Sponsor a Student Student in Nigeria

Visitation Request Visitation Request

Annual Meeting and Zoom Links

Attached is the link for the annual meeting report and all the Zoom gatherings.

Sunday Worship - Worship link

Confirmation - Confirmation Link

11:00 am worship - 11:00 am Worship

Sunday 8:30 am Small Group - 8:30 am

Tuesday 6:00 pm Small Group - 6:00 pm

Thursday 9:00 am Small Group - 9:00 am

Book Club - Book Club

Holden Evening Prayer - Holden 5:30 pm

Getting Started

We are all figuring this out, but this is the login page. Your login should be your first name.last name.

You should then be able to go into your account and check your giving, add a picture, and at some point access the member directory.


Let's see how it goes. Thanks for your patience.